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Information about specific issuers of securities has been made available by Value Partners Investments Inc. for the sole purpose of providing additional background information on the holdings in the Value Partners Pool(s) and is not intended to be investment advice about the merits of investing directly in these issuers. This information is based on information that is publicly available or that has been provided to Value Partners Investments Inc. by the portfolio managers of the Pools.

The complete holdings of a Pool are disclosed in its Statement of Investment Portfolio semi-annually. On a quarterly basis, each Pool discloses its top 25 holdings in its Summary of Investment Portfolio. Both these documents are available on our website. Value Partners Investments Inc. is a registered investment fund manager and has engaged registered portfolio managers to make decisions about the investments made by each Pool – these investment decisions are not made by Value Partners Investments Inc.

The information provided does not constitute individual, legal, investment or tax advice about any of the Pools or the issuers discussed therein. Please consult your own legal, investment and/or tax advisor prior to making a decision to invest in the Pools. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the fund facts documents and the prospectus of the Pools before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

General Forms


Transfer Form
Transfer Form - Non Registered
TFSA Successor Holder and Beneficiary Designation
TFSA Gift Declaration
Letter of Direction
Systematic Switch (DCA)
Open to Registered Transfer
Registered Plans Beneficiary Form (single or multiple) 
Registered plans Beneficiary Form with Contingent
Generic Corporate Resolution
Advisory Fee Agreement - Note:  Dealer Must have updated Agreement in place.
2019 LIF Min-Max Guide
Fund Details
T2030 - Typically used to transfer RRIF to RRSP, RRSP to Annuity or RRIF to Annuity
T2151 - Typically used to transfer pensions to a LIRA or RRSP
T2220 - Transfer due to breakdown of marriage or common-law partnership
RC240 - Used when spouse is listed as beneficiary on TFSA (instead of Successor Holder) 

BC Only:

Irrevocable Beneficiary Designation

Irrevocable Beneficiary Designation (Trustee)

Removal of Irrevocable Beneficiary Designation